Monday, January 14, 2013

NEW MUSIC IN 2013: Standing Room Only

I love the new year, its a time to start over, become a better person and to discover new things.....LIKE MUSIC!!! I love finding new artists like the wonderful Laura Dowding. I interviewed her last year to help promote her kickstarter and with the help of music lovers everywhere, SHE REACHED HER GOAL!!!! Which is awesome because that means that I get to review her new album "Standing Room Only".


Let me start off with a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Laura for making this wonderful album. "Standing Room Only" has something for everyone. Sweet ballads, beautiful piano playing, poignant lyrics, and great production value. Laura's voice is very straight forward and to the point in every song of this 14 track album. There's no need for all the crazy vocal tricks or the dreaded "AUTO TUNE"....

SIDE NOTE: The inventor of that should really just shoot the face....that is all.

Laura is one of the few with actual talent, so to over produce an album would be horrible. I am sooo happy that this was not the case. It had the right amount of everything and could easily hold it's own with any of the major label productions out there, so kudos to her producers for that. Every aspect of this album had perfect balance. Honestly it's pretty damned amazing. 

The album allows Laura's voice to shine through and you can clearly hear her influences. When I listened to "Standing Room Only" I heard bits of Billy Joel mixed with some Beatles and even some Sara Bareilles. The blend was evident without being a copy of any one artist while paying homage to them and so many others. Songs like "A Perfect Love" (featuring Cameron Hovsepian, who also has an amazing voice) is a beautiful duet with a Norah Jones-esk quality to it and is probably my favorite song on the album (a decision that was NOT made lightly because there are so many great tracks to listen to). Another of my top tracks has to be "Messy Love", which can easily transport anyone to the sultry 40's jazz era. The horns alone are enough to take your mind on a trip, then add Laura pouring her heart out on the mic and you have an ageless, time-stopping song. Truly beautiful.

In short, "Standing Room Only" by Laura Dowding is something that will set moods, break hearts, and lift your spirit all at the same time. I highly recommend buying this album TODAY, you won't regret it! I've had it on repeat for a few days now and don't see it coming out of rotation any time soon!

If you want to pick it up you can get it direct from the source! YES Laura herself will be selling the album at her release show January 17th at El Cid Restaurant in Silverlake. The show starts around 8pm and is only 8 bucks at the door! After that I'm sure you will be able to get it from her website where you can get limited "pre-release" copies of "Standing Room Only" NOW! Laura will be performing with Billy Gill, Lindsay Rae Spurlock, and Jen Awad. I REALLY want you guys to go out and support Laura this Thursday, so If you happen to be in the Silverlake area (and even if you're not) stop by for the show and leave with a CD that you will fall in love with!!! Let's make this a HUMONGOUS turnout!!!! I Hope you can make it!!!

El Cid
4212 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90029

Until next good to yourselves!!

Editor in Chief of The Penguin Gazette,